Control valves and components

  • 1062


    Control Head Burkert 1062 to 20XX series of pneumatic valves. Position switch unit is used for generating a signal of valve position. Can be supplied with one or two limit switches.

  • 1066


    The control unit Burkert 1066 with integrated limit switches for pneumatic valves 20XX series.

  • 1067


    ЭElectro-pneumatic positioner / PID Burkert 1067 for regulating air valves. Positioner 1067 can be installed on the control valves Burkert series 2702/2712, and on linear actuators and pneumatic rotation, such as butterfly valves or ball valves.

  • 2103


    2/2- way pneumatic valve diaphragm Burkert 2103 is designed for both the cut-off, and for the regulation of neutral and aggressive liquids and gases for pipes with a cross section of 4 - 25 mm. Housing material is made of high quality stainless steel (forged or cast) from the inside surface polished to 0.25 micron. 2103 pneumatic valve is supplied with connections TriClamp, welding or other...

  • 2300


    2/2-way pneumatic valve control piston Burkert 2300 is designed for precise control of neutral and aggressive liquids and gases in pipes with a cross section DN 13 - 50 mm. The regulatory pneumovalve 2300 comes with threaded or welded connection or TriClamp. Due to the parabolic cone valve has excellent regulating characteristics. A distinctive feature of the regulating air valve 2300 2702 is a...